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Saturday, July 28, 2007

moving in...

YIPPI - i am moved in!!... sort of

i have a couple suv loads at my parents house, and my dog is there too...

and i am still unpacking boxes...

that being said - my bed is set up, and my clothing is unpacked... my computer is set up with BOTH printers (ok, the one won't actually PRINT right now.....), i have cable, and i have internet AND i got both the vcr AND dvd set up in the office too (i do admit that it is a bit of a cord nightmare thought

i still have to unpack a TON of books... i have more books than ANYTHING - side effect of being a teacher i guess... the scary thing is that i got rid of a TON of teacher stuff too.......

hope all is well w/ ya'll and can't wait to catch up

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

moving on.....

this is it - the BIG move... i officially get the truck at the end of the week and will be moving over 6 hours and diagonally a state away

i am almost done packing, donating, and pitching stuff....

i guess it's time to turn in my cable box & dsl box.... ugh - being w/o the computer is gonna be painful

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Sunday, July 15, 2007


it is official!!

the contract is signed & i have a place to live

good news: i am actually getting more in stipends than i thought

bad news: i don't get it all at once

good news: friend is helping me move

bad news: i may only have one friend able to help me move as we are doing this in the middle of the week as it was the only way i could rent the truck for the one-way rental

good news: the new school is on block schedule and i have a prep period each day

the i am not sure news yet: i am not actually teaching a special ed class - i am still considered a special ed teacher as i will do 1:1 push-in/pull-out for half of my classes.... i have not done it before but it really is what learning support is about, and i am (for most students) a strong proponent for it.... HOWEVER, the other 1/2 of my teaching schedule is what i am not sure about yet - i am teaching regular ed classes (i AM certified to do this, i just never have)

good news: my new "home" is a cottage style townhouse; it is on the water; right on the property is a doctor, a sub shop, a flower shop (me loves me the fresh cut flowers) and a beauty shop.) there is also a post office right up the road, a train stop w/in a mile, and work only @ 20 min or so away - and there is TONS of parking... and because it is so old, the walls are brick and think and virtually sound proof

bad news: the only thing it doesn't have that i wanted is laundry in it, nor does it have hook-ups (it IS almost a 100 year old property)... however, the large and clean laundry room is and right across the lane from my front door (it is also attached to the leasing office so they KEEP it clean because prospective renters see it every day)

good news: i move in less than 2 weeks

bad news: i am still struggling w/ packing

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Friday, July 06, 2007

job hunt 8

so - this is it

i am going to sign my contract with major metropolitan school district and find a place to live too

PLEASE LET ME FIND A PLACE THAT ISN'T WHITE TRASH HELL!!! (ok, let it not be the `hood either)

i spent an hour today going toe to toe with the manager of my current building - someone in my building stole a fedex AND a usps package notice from me - can you say FEDERAL OFFENSE - all because they think i am the one who has been calling the cops on her (ok, i did call once, but not on her persay, just on the underage & rampant drug & alcohol party that had spilled over into the halls - i didn't know that it was from HER apt: i am a teacher and i don't need to get busted... now, normally i doin't care but the pot smoke was coming into my apt from the hallway under my door from DOWN STAIRS and since i am gonna have to take a drug test for my new job............. - but i am NOT the only one to call, nor am i the 1st or the last to call - oh, and did i mention that she is also a mother of 2 w/ 2 different babies daddies under the age of 2 and she is going to be a NURSE... sorry but i do NOT want her to be poking me w/ a needle)


Sunday, July 01, 2007

everyday heros

i couldn't sleep last night....

i don't know why...

so i found myself reading through the pile of magazines that had grown to astronomical proportions in my living room... the bonus of this is that now i have more packing material that i won't stop to read as i tear it apart to crumple up while packing.....

at some point i actually came across the june issue of glamor - no, i do not subscribe to this magazine... i bought it while on my job interview hunt so i could have something to read while eating at my new favorite inexpensive eatery - its not not quite fast food, its not quite take out, its not quite a restaurant - its an experience unto itself: chipotle.

so, anyway... i have been feeling dissatisfied lately because i don't do well when i don't have a route... yes, i have been going to the gym almost every day for @ 2 hours (cardio, lift with super trainer, then swim)... but that isn't enough....

and as much as i love loosing myself in your worlds for a couple hours a day - that isn't enough either....

i have always enjoyed and felt good about myself by volunteering.... however, i have actually found it hard to do so in this town - i have actually been turned away from some organizations for reasons such as: we only take groups, we only have church affiliates, we only have placements for teens/parolees/senior citizens, we are full up but will put you on our waiting list (and 3 years later i have not been called), we only do volunteer stuff on thursday's from 1-3, we don't use women... and the list goes on...

i mean - SERIOUSLY!!!

so then there was the day a few weeks ago, when i called the library about bringing in a large box of books - ok, granted, i wanted to find out about the procedure for getting a receipt so i could use it at tax time..... but these were all books in good condition... most were books that had been on the New York Times best seller list at some point in the last 10 years... OK, so instead of telling me what to do and when it would be a good time to do it - the librarian (remember - THIS IS HER JOB, something she is paid to do) WAS A COMPLETE AND UTTER BITCH!!!...

so, instead of donating 20 or so books (i am not quite sure of the exact number) to the library, i e-mailed a co-blogger who i know loves to read and asked her if she would like them and did a little "pay it forward"...... and i mailed them to her instead... ok, so it was a little bit expensive... but you know what - IT FELT REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!!! it felt a heck of a lot better than it would have felt giving them to that snooty library bitch.....

so anyway, back to the glamor magazine....on page 195 (for those of you who still read magazines), i came across an article about heroic deeds that you can do by just going online - and other simple things..... and it reminded me of when i had put up a link previously where all you had to do was click on a link and products would be given to women's shelters... so i went back into my archives.... the site had to shut down for now because they are so back logged - but i have set up a new section on the side of my blog, and i am calling it Help Save the World - Once Click At A Time:

corporate sponsors will donate a cup of food to people in need around the world

donate gently worn cocktail, bridesmaid, & prom dresses to a local program so girls can have prom dresses

Donate to Women's Shelters

This is the link I posted before.... or Call The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 to find a local shelter where you can drop off staples - items such as clothing, suit cases & bags, toiletries.... also items for children such as stuffed animals, backpacks, and school supplies are often forgotten abut when people donate.


Donate your old &/or outdated cell phone - they are sold to refurbishing plants & 80% of the money is sent o more than 500 charities - including the American Red Cross & the AIDS Healthcare Foundation - more than $1 million has been given out (or do what i have done and donate your phone to a woman's shelter)

Every Monday this site posts ways to help too.
now, i don't pretend that i am always a do gooder - but i do try to do my share - especially when it has to do w/ cancer, autism, or all i have to do is click on a button.... as i find more of these "easy to help" ideas, i am going to add them.... its the least i can do

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