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Monday, April 23, 2007

DC trip attempt 3 - blogger keeps eating this post

so i got to DC on saturday and checked into my room. i got a phenomonal rate on my room through travelocity.com and then after a hotwater issue, i ended up paying as much for all 4 nights as i was supposed to pay for 1 night - and the bed was comfortable too!

so on sunday i met short man and went sight seeing. we went to a bistro for lunch, to the air & space musume, and then walked the mall. for the most part we chatted and i didn't take a lot of pictures, and some didn't come out (hey - i was using my dad's camera, not my own.) but here is one of honest abe:

and here is one w/ my back to abe, from the top of the steps, facing the reflecting pool off the washington monumont... at the far end of the pool is the "new" world war II monument. i wanted to go back on wed to take pics (it was SUPER croweded on sunday) but it was raining). to the right of the reflecting pool right at the bottom of the steps of the lincon memorial is the new korean war memorial - it is interesting.

the next day, i began riding the metro into the city - it is SO EASY (well, as long as the ticket machines work), clean, and inexpensive!!! after 9:30am, you can get an all day ride ticket for $6.50 and you can ride as much as you want!!!

Union Station is on the outside is imposing - inside, has become an overpiced tourist trap, but the archetecture is beautiful

after manuvering my way around the metro in the morning, i fliping the map around, i found my #1 interest, the supreme court - and if i had made it in the morning, i would have been able to see the justices in action!.. but i DID get to go into the actul court room - its AMAZING - but alas, photo's cannot be taken, not even during hearings or trials: IT's TRADITION!!!

i then walked around the capitol - i found out later that if i had walked around the OTHER side i would have been able to enter and go on a tour - but i didn't know and because there is a HUGE HOLE in front and a construction wall around it.... but that is ok.... i got to see some cherry blossoms instead:

I then meandered over to the botanical garden across the way and took some photos of some orchids:

and i will add more in a few days....


Sunday, April 15, 2007

technology travisty

i think the powers that be do not want me to do ANYTHING regarding technology!

my cell has been giving me crap

the new desktop i bought last monday was messed up.... i got a new one today

it SEEMS to be ok so far, except that i can't make a backup recovery disk - i keep getting this same error:

Back up error: I/O device error (0 x 8007045D)

its an HP Pavilion Slimline and i got it at a great price.... because the one i got last week was on sale and they couldnt fix it or swap it they basicly gave it to me w/o charging me the difference between the other one and this one..... and yes... its running vista

well, off to try to do some more paperwork

Monday, April 09, 2007

wacky wild meme

ok.... a little late but......

Mel tagged me w/ the letter W on a the Meme where you create a list of 10 things you like and 10 things you dislike starting w/ that letter - ok, I stretched some and used it to start a sentence - W IS HARD:


Weekends (especially 3 & 4 day ones)
Watching my friends kids growing up
Waterfalls (especially the one's you can stand behind)
Walking thru the woods in the NE part of the US in the Fall as the leaves change
Window seats (where you can curl up with a good book &/or nap)
Winter days (especially when there is a nice fire to return to)
Whiskey (or Scotch, preferably top shell thank you)
Walking, especially w/ my dog
Wandering around NYC
Watching a good concert at an outside venue


Washing, folding & putting away laundry
Washing my car
Washing dishes by hand
Working on Mondays
Watching rude kids in public places
Watching the parents of the above kids not discipline their kids
Waiting because other people are lazy
Working on the weekend
Watching RERUNS on TV
Worrying about others


short short men....


i LOVE how no one has commented about the TRIP but you HAVE all commented about "SHORT MAN" & his complex

i didn't CARE about the fact that we LITERALLY could see eye to eye

but i could tell he did based on on his expression as soon as he saw me walk out of the hotel...

ANYHOW.... (rolling my eyes)

positive news: i just got a KICK ASS new desktop for FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS so i am now back online!

i haven't had time yet to upload my pics but i will try to do so by the end of the week...

and well.... since i LITERALLY got back from the trip last night and got the new comp set up an hour ago, i have TONS of back reading and commenting to do so give me some time and i will get caught up w/ you all

hope you are all well my blogging buds!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

vacation survival update

i made it through the majority of my vacation...

overall i had a great time...

only a few minor mishaps....
  • i forgot MY camera so i had to borrow my dad's so i currently have no pictures to show you because he is out of town w/ HIS laptop for work
  • i didn't have hot water in my room for 2 days (they let me run across the hall both days) but they also took off @ 20% of my bill for all FOUR nights, not just 2 of them so i saved even MORE than i expected to (which was even better than having to move to a different room after unpacking)
  • MY laptop died so i am not giving a real up date as i am using my mom's really old DIAL UP comp to do this little "I AM ALIVE" update
  • the guy - he is only 5'3, took one look at me - 2 inches taller than him, and never looked me in the eye again for the rest of the day that he took me sight seeing.... he WAS a better date than the one i talked about over the winter holiday's though..
MORE UPDATES to come once i get a replacement computer or lappy fixed next week & hopefully the pics on dad's camera are decent and i will have something to post....