why ask why me?

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

TMI Tuesday on Wednesday

i loved (most) of these questions too much NOT to FINALLY play TMI tuesday, even it it IS wednesday

1. commando: sexy or disgusting? do you have a “best” commando story?
i DO think there are times where it is inappropriate - i AM a teacher - so at work i wear underwear.... and at the gym - GROSS.... but the rest of the time..... i am SO commando....

my "BEST" story has to be when ex realized the 3rd of 4th time he was undressing me that i was AGAIN commando.... he made some comment about not minding having to take off the extra layer or that it didn't take that much extra time - something stupid.... i started laughing at him and had to inform him that i wasn't commando for him but for me!

2. foreplay: is there such a thing as too much?

if you have to ask this question you have never had good foreplay

3. oral sex: good if you are getting? good if you are giving? equally ewwwww?
good if you are getting it ONLY if he is good at giving it

i honestly am not crazy about giving it, but i have been told by more than one ex that i am VERY good.... i take direction very well, and am more than willing to give it to get it and will give it if i have gotten it (fair is fair)

i hate 69.... i find it too distracting... i can't focus on what i am doing AND relax enough to get off at the same time

4. orgasm: is one per night enough or does the first one just get your motor running?
if you can keep me cumming..... then you better ;)

5. morning sex: “oh hell yes!”, “well if i have, too.” or “just get in the shower and go to work.”
i understand i am in the minority of women who actually LIKE morning sex, but i don't like slam bam thank you ma'am morning sex

bonus (as in optional): have you ever had anonymous sex? have you ever had an orgasm without at least knowing your partner’s last name?
no.... i couldn't SPELL or PRONOUNCE his last name right (ok, i still can't)


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

horridscope tuesday

Thinking about others is almost always second nature to you, but right now a little voice is saying, 'But what about me, me, me?' Go ahead and give yourself some extra loving attention and kindness too.
and that is why when i woke up at 3am, and found myself still awake at 5am this morning feeling like i was going to puke and like i had multiple knives in my head and my meds not working, i had NO PROBLEM picking up the phone at 6:30 for the first time to call my principle to call off... so for the first time i could take a muscle relaxant....


Saturday, February 24, 2007

i caved


so, um....

HOW many times have i bitched lately about "best friend"?

last week i finally went over to her house for the evening since her daughter was sick and didn't have gymnastics and lappy was sick so i couldn't do any school work at home....

i figured i would go and see how it went and kind of go from there.......

she started out by apologizing for not seeing me on my birthday and said that she wanted to take me out asap....

and... by the end of the night i had somehow ended up agreeing to be her emergency back-up babysitter tonight because her mother-in-law screwed her over...this weekend, every year, best friend & hubby are involved in an all day charity event.... on MONDAY the in-laws backed out of taking the kids all day & overnight..... so i agreeded to take the dinner to 10pm shift.....

granted, i love the kids & have missed spending time with them ~ and they both have missed me ~ as soon as they were dropped off by the afternoon coverage i got HUGE hugs - now i still expect it from the 8 year old girl, but not from the 11 year old BOY (i think he actually gave me a BIGGER, TIGHTER, and LONGER hug than his sister)... they are currently setting up their new "wii"

fortunatly they are getting along fairly well - or i would have to play the DISCIPLINARIAN.... which i don't want to do since i haven't really seen them in 6 months....
one BIG difference is that THIS time, they are insisting on paying me.....hummm... maybe the time w/o me around an my help made them realise how much they had been taking advantage of me?????
post bedtime update.... and since they have better wireless than my building gives, i have been able to do some updates on my blog template (aka - the right side)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

fortune cookie

i have been CRAVING chineese food non-stop the last few weeks....

i have to admit, tonight's fortune - well, you know the old "in bed" ending???

any takers? ;)

"Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better"

Saturday, February 17, 2007

horridscope saturday / pissy bitching day

Telling people what they want to hear never works, although it may feel initially like it gets you off the hook. If you need more time to contemplate your next move, say so. It's within your rights.

OR - in this case, i'll just keep my mouth shut

ok, well, by now you all know, to say the least "best friend" - and yes, at this point in time i am using that term VERY LOOSELY has at best hurt my feelings and at worst slid to the bottom of the list of people i want to deal with for a long time

about 2 weeks before b-day she E-MAILED to find out what i wanted to do for my "big day" and i replied with 3 different suggestions. one was about a concert (for the previous FIVE YEARS she & her husband have taken me to one), one was about going to a play, and the third was just about going to dinner

the only response was "i don't know if we will be able to get a sitter for the concert"

OMG -- YOU HAVE 2 F*%$ing weeks to get a sitter and i KNOW it's not about money because even in their worst financial situations she has been honest about that

and what about the OTHER TWO suggestions i gave you!! HELLO!!! the concert wasn't the only suggestion i gave




so FINALLY, the day AFTER my b-day she calls and she & her kids yell the b-day song at me in the phone and she says they are on the way to dinner w/ her mom and she will call back on their way home to make plans for my b-day dinner

uh hu


FINALLY, she called me on THURSDAY, 30 minutes BEFORE school got out!!! she KNOWS i can't answer my cell at 2:45 - so to me that says avoidance - aka: i want to pretend to be the good friend but i really don't want to talk to you so i am calling you when i know you can't answer the phone. she left a long detailed message of why she didn't call back the day before and what was going on that night and how i should call back friday or today

i DO NOT THINK SO - why should I have to call HER to get HER to take ME out to dinner or even better, why should i call her to find out why she is too busy to help me celebrate my birthday

and yes - i KNOW i am being passive agressive, selfish, childish, and a bitch

Friday, February 16, 2007

post 2 of the day

i know a secret

in the grand scheme of the world it is a little thing - but for the people involved..... its a big one - actually it is a combination of secrets....

actually... if i think about it - i know a LOT of secrets - some i have kept for years

i am what you might call a SECRET KEEPER....

for some reason, people feel comfortable divulging things to me that they would not tell their best friends

but this time i am going to share part of the secret..... for i am still wondering why it was shared

today, an administrator at my school told me somethings about his personal life

the part i am shareing is that he is living in my development.... now, it happens that i already knew his "secret" because i have 2 eyes & had observed his recent travels to and from work along the same route as mine... however this is NOT public knowledge in my school where gossip typically runs rampant like wild fire.... when he saw me in the hall today he, looked around (as if to check for others) and then asked me if i lived in the development... i looked at him w/ a look that said "duh!, you know i do" but politely answered yes.... he then told me he did too... not one to play coy i said i knew he did... he said "you do?" to which i said "i DO have 2 eyes, but i also know when to keep my mouth shut, and since it's not my business, i have." he then told me if i ever have car problems to feel free to give him a call in the morning and i did vice versa....

of course.... i would NEVER ASK for help... but that is a totally different passive aggressive issue

the weird thing though is... why would an administrator confide in a 2nd year teacher?????

poor lappy

yes dirk, i am blatantly stealing your term lappy....

that said ---- lappy is QUITE ill

however, the high school IT kids in my school should be able to fix it next week..... will it work all weekend??????????? well, that is the biggest question

so lets all keep our fingers crossed that i at LEAST get my lesson plan written before full crash occurs..

oh---and get this, the corruption seems to stem from, of all things, MY ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE!!!!

so if i seem to fall off the face of the earth in the next few days.... we know what to blame!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

snow day bliss

i was so excited - NO SCHOOL on the disgustingly sweet day

i hate the hallmark holiday

the only flowers i have ever gotten in my entire 30 years have been from my parents on my birthday... unfortunately - because my b-day is the day before hallmark holiday red hearts & flowers i tend to get red roses --- they ARE beautiful this year, as the pic (my first posted pic btw) shows - even if it IS from my crappy camera phone....

"we" have an extraordinarily high number of obese students at my school - and how many of them will be given candy for hallmark holiday??

so when hallmark holiday is chosen as the first day to be called as a snow day in YEARS i was THRILLED.......... unfortunately, many of the kids still brought their crap to school today..

on the positive side - MY birthday flowers, although 2 days late, were delivered to me at school/work today too : )

b-day flowers from the `rents

Wednesday, February 14, 2007



for the THIRD night in a row, at 9:15 have had the MOST PAINFUL case of hiccups

i don't know why

and i can't make them stop

they are the kind that are loud and make your entire body shake and they are painful!!!!

the only thing that ever made them stop when i was a kid was hanging upside down on the monkey bars on the playground - however that option is out since there is so much snow, even if i could FIND a playground the monkey bars would be buried!!!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

happy birthday to me

*signing at the top of my lungs off key*

happy birthday to MEEEEEEE

happy birthday to MEEEEEEE

happy birthday to MEE EEEE

happy birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

i got nothing

i have been home since @ 7:30

i have read my regular blog reads

i have posted on many of them

i have checked my e-mail (all 3 accounts... or is it 4?) multiple times

i have chatted w/ numerous friends, family members & bloggers

but i have abso-fu%#ing-lutly nothing to blog about

well, except that in @ 75 min i will be 30 years old

another year

another decade


Sunday, February 11, 2007

winter "wonder" land

wow, it's been a week

ok, so most of it i spent in bed..... on a daily basis i find myself weighing the pros & cons of the benefits vs. the side effects of the medications i am on - this week was a bad week...... although i must say the feeling of my head floating above my body was an interesting feeling.... i don't think the extreme cold is helpful for my head - as soon as i walk outside i get a crushing pain ripping through my head....

living in the northeast, i have been hit by the snow storms of 2007 - not as bad as Oswego & Mexico New York, but still, it has been pretty cold & white... i wish i had a digital camera to show you the 3 foot snow & icicle overhang outside of my window - it is incredible!! i mean, literally - the over hang OUT away from the building is 3 more feet... and some of the icicles hang down 6 or more feet!

However, we have still had school because 1) we don't bus our kids (they take public transportation or walk) and 2) most of our families are below the poverty line and can't afford alternative child care or to take the day off from work.... and 3) since we don't' know how long the cold snap will be the superintendent decided to just have school and if parents don't want to send the kids fine....just send a note in w/ the kids when they come back in.... on the PLUS side, most of the bad kids have been gone and school had actually been pleasant

i did something yesterday i haven't done for YEARS -- i went SNOWSHOEING!!! there is a local nature area that has some walking trails and biking trails. and you can rent snow shoes for only a few bucks and away you go. we had a blast. i was a little bumed when i saw that along the edge of the trail is a huge development of homes - granted, if i could afford one of those homes, i would probably want to LIVE in one of them.... but it is sad that right next to the nature center you find this development....... positives of the day included: i remembered to layer and to NO wear cotton, because any outdoors person knows "cotton kills" and i got a fairly good workout (this i know as my ass still hurts ;) .... the only negative is that i wanted to hike longer but was exhausted after an hour & my friend is defiantly in better shape than i am in... but i HAVE been sick.... one day at a time... one hike at a time

Monday, February 05, 2007

stupid bowl xli

i must say, in the past i basically watched the super bowl to watch the commercials

i honestly think this year the game was more interesting....

however, a few of the ad's piqued my interest:

6) Wild Hogs Movie Trailer - i mean come on, buildings blowing up, slap stick humor, a GREAT cast, kids doing house hold chores for pathetically low wages, and HOGS!!!!!!!

5) FedEx in outer space - it made me laugh

4) The Doritos ad created by the 19 year old student

3) GM's "all by my self" the ad was SO pathetic when the riveting machine dropped the rivet and then they kicked the thing out i actually was almost crying - ok, so i am still depressed so it doesn't take much... but still

2) Sprint - Connectile Dysfunction (CD) had me rolling on the floor
1) The FUNNIEST ad was the Snickers Kiss

Thursday, February 01, 2007

post 100 / horridscope thursday

if we count my 8 7's posts & my 1oo's post, this is my official 100'th post!

and it is another installment of horridscope thursday

Your spirits need a boost. It's time to take yourself out. You can go solo or not, but it's important to get out there and have a fantastic time. You'll find inspiration for so many other parts of your life too.

YA THINK?!?!?!?

gee - tell me something i don't know... but since i don't even have the energy to do my laundry so i have clean clothing for work, what the hell would i wear, let alone where would i go?

so, i think i will stick with going to work, the gym, & the wimpy therapist - little steps, i am taking little steps & we will be happy with that for now