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Thursday, November 15, 2007

how do i walk into these things?

so, i went to find one of my kids yesterday, and found out he was skipping.... again...

i had to call home and foudn out that "auntie" had actually caught him the last time...

today i went to find him AGAIN!!! he came to home room to get his report card and skipped all but english when he also went to lunch..... ARGHHH

so, i went to see another one of his teachers to ask him to help me out tomorrow if he showed up... from there i ended up finding out a TON of info about another student.... and from THERE somehow ended up as the un-paid, 3rd c0-advisor of SGA... the other 2 are paid (they were asked by the head principal to be advisors over the summer, know the school, the kids, and have been here for a number of years) but have NO SGA experience or parlamentary procedure knowledge.... i offered to see if i had my old handbook and ended up as an advisor.... oh well, it will look good to the powers that be, and its not like i ever leave the buidling before 4 anyway!!!



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