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Thursday, October 25, 2007

getting back into the groove

well, now that my observation trauma/drama is out of the way (for those of you who know what i am talking about, i had my "re-do" and it was a satisfactory) i an now getting my feet back under me and am slowly becoming me again.

one of the teachers even commented that he saw a smile on my face yesterday which was ironic since i had a raging migraine (no, don't get your hopes up people, he is happily married)

today was one of those days that started out where you don't want to get out of bed and you have a really bad feeling. the dog didn't poo outside because it was raining (think cold november rain type rain) and to make matters worse i just shaved him down for his last shave down before winter - we were out there for 20 min and he was shivering but i don't want to to poo inside just because it is raining out!!!

so i somehow manage to get out the door on time and get this feeling that i shouldn't take the highway to work but then i see a fender bender on the local roads in front of me so i get on the highway..... and the traffic is REALLY REALLY slow....... but it is moving.... and then i see the accident in the left lane... but we are still rolling.... and i only go another 500 feet to my exit..... and then i see that it isn't moving AT ALL!!!

THANKFULLY i bought that GPS so i go to the next exit, turn on the GPS and - TRAFFIC ISN'T MOVING THERE EITHER!!!!

I am F-bombing left and right... but i called in to the school and told them - not like i can control the traffic - i left home at 6:30 and it was already 7 and i had only gotten the equivalent of 3 miles to work - heck at this point, i may have actually gone out of my way.....

And that is when things actually started to look up..... when i got out of the car it wasn't raining and well, i don't know how i did it but i managed to actually walk into that building EXACTLY at 7:30 when i HAD to be there AND i was still able to make all the copies i need on the copy machine because there was NO ONE IN LINE TO USE IT!!!... the kids participated and only gave me flack in a teasing manner, not a rude one in 1st period... and 2nd period finished their assessment (ok, there was the kid an the cell phone incident but that actually was a good thing because by having the department chair take his phone he knows i am serious and i am done w/ his crap and even when he was being inappropriate he was doing it quietly)

then, i even had the opportunity to look good to the head principal. i HATE doing hall duty, but it needs to be done. while i was doing my rounds she came out in the hall and we ended up talking and were doing duty together for a while. i know she is my boss, but to me, it is nice to get to interact with my principal like that - she is willing to come out of her office and do the same things i have to do and she is also interested in getting to know her staff as more than people who just fill the classrooms. lastly, i then a meeting after school to learn how to use the districts assessment tracking program. the woman teaching the training session used my 1 class's data as the example and entered it this morning. i got to do it as the guinea pig in front of everyone this afternoon. so i am, for once, ahead of the game!


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