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Friday, October 19, 2007

drivers ed


So, we all know that when we move, we must eventually transfer our drivers license and plates to our new place called home.

Well, what do you do when said state craps on you, not once, but TWICE!!!!

The MD MVA says I had/have 60 day's to switch my stuff over.

They ha this REALLY LONG list of acceptable pieces of paper to bring with me.

So, last month I took a bag full - I mean I actually took EXTRA stuff just in case. The 2 bitches behind the counter seemed to take pleasure telling me why only one of them counted at proof of residency for getting my drivers license. My favorite for a bill/piece of mail not counting was my renters insurance: " you have to live there 3 years for it to count." WTF?!?!!?

FINALLY they decided that if i switched lines and got my licence plate, they would count that paperwork as an acceptable piece of proof of residency and then I could get my license.

And THEN I saw red. In this wack state, you have to turn over your vehicle title to get your plates. Well, in my previous state your lien holder has it until you pay off the vehicle (granted, i only have @ 5 payments left - but the point is that it is MY title that i have been working my ass off for 4+ years to pay so I can posses the title.)

I said "excuse me, i don't think so - my lien holder will mail me the form when i pay it off." She snapped at me "THEY SEND THEM TO US EVERY DAY AND IF YOU DON"T DO IT YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW."

I looked at her and said "only if they catch me doing something illegal."

I am sorry, but I have 2 college degrees and can read. Every piece of paper I brought in was listed as acceptable for me to get my drivers license.

I finally gave in and mailed the stupid title form in. Needless to say it has been over a month and no on has notified me that is has been sent to the MVA.

SO, ATTEMPT 2 was today.

I got there @ 30 min ago to be informed: we are not taking anymore customers today. I stated I wanted to have that in writing as I don't have another week day when they are open until December and as I am a teacher I cannot just take a day off to sit around the MVA. The woman told me if i didn't leave on my own she would have me thrown out.

I said "But ma'am, I've been living here almost 60 day's and i don't want to break the law like i you yelled at me i would be doing last time when i didn't have enough forms to show proof of residency."

She was NOT amused but I was, and so were the 3 people in line behind me she was also turning away.


  • Oh yeah, welcome to MD. Love our MVA. I do believe that the rule is that new residents MUST wait a minimum of seven hours over at least two separate occasions for your paperwork to be accepted.

    Older residents it is just 5 hours over two visits. :)

    By Blogger g-man, at Friday, October 19, 2007  

  • i have lived here for over a year and have only managed to get new plates. i still need my license. i already got a ticket for it.

    i really need to take care of that!

    By Blogger Sizzle, at Friday, October 19, 2007  

  • Welcome to MD. At least it's not NY.

    By Blogger Brave Astronaut, at Monday, October 22, 2007  

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