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Sunday, October 07, 2007

brushing the cobwebs off

yes, i live...

and i actually socialized this weekend - i have lived here @ 10 weeks and twice had to pass on meeting esmeralda, but i finally met her, g-man, and maven this weekend at what i will be calling "sushi fest 2007"

it was so nice to be around ADULTS who i don't work with. they, and their friends, are the most down to earth, real people i have met in YEARS!

i know i have been absent from the blog lately but work has been CRAZY busy.

1st, i am still exceedingly thrilled that i moved here
2nd, i really do love my new job
3rd, the people (95% of them at least) are really really nice people
4th, i like almost all of my students (even my "problem" students)


they have some specifics they want here and that they look for when doing evaluations - and in the 2 weeks of training, i wasn't trained on any of it... so i have to do a 5th observation..... at least i didn't get an unsatisfactory - but it still is really tough, tiring, and time consuming


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