why ask why me?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

was yours as good as mine?

yeah, i bet that title got you all excited, hot & bothered....

well HA HA ----

they say labor day & the weekend that comes w/ it is supposed to be about relaxation for the "common" laboring man - and these days woman....

traditionally, it signaled the end of summer, and the beginning of school.... well, school started the week before for me, but i don't really mind that....

but my weekend was anything but lazy, and i didn't do anything i wanted to do or planned to do.............

and i did a hell of a lot of WORK:

see, my dog is all of 26 pounds & most of it is fluff

it took @ 100 hours to be sure i killed all the fleas

he never had them in our old town

my first official negative in this new city......

i hope your labor day weekend was better than mine


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