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Sunday, September 16, 2007


so, @ 3 weeks ago my friend calls and it's my MIA friend "down hill girl" (we met skiing years ago"

anyhow - right before i moved, i had a cell phone issue (remember when i threw my phone?) and i lost her number

so out of the blue DHG calls me and she wants to go to lunch... i had to tell her the "bad news" that i moved.... and where...... she was all bummed because SHE TOO was moving and wanted to see me before she moved.... then she asked how far it was from "blah blah blah"

i busted up laughing - SHE IS LIVING 45 minutes away from here!!!!

turns out she needs to take a leave of absence from her floor at the cleveland clinic before she burns out and is doing a 3 month traveling nursing gig and they sent her to this podunk hospital on the other side of the city from me.... they will pay for her furnished apt, utilities, and everything except for car gas and food..... she had to be here friday morning to get her state nursing licence in person and she can't move in to her new place till monday so she stayed with me thursday and friday night (they finally got her a hotel room for last night and tonight).

so i am not alone anymore!!!

this girl is the only girl who can laugh at her own bad luck (she lost her ticket on the turnpike and had to pay the entire toll - $14.75) and her GPS got her lost so she didn't get to my place till 1 am!



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