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Sunday, August 05, 2007

security check # 1, big brother style

as i have mentioned, i have a propensity for staying friends w/ most of my my ex's.... sort of......... it usually goes something like this: i'll be rolling along, living my life, and then the phone will ring, my e-mail box will fill up, im's start popping up on my screen..... well, one ex is the one who helped me move here... and the other one is the one who i visited when i went on vacation/spring break to DC, and then actually stayed with while job hunting.... it definitely helps that i have finally met his wife (and that is probably helped by the fact that they have a baby who is absolutely adorable)

it's IS a bit odd to outsiders though, when they ask how i know this ex, who i believe i will, from now on, call "BB" for big brother.... see, we actually only dated @ 3 months and then he immediately dated the woman who 6 months later he became engaged to and then 6 months later was married to....but we never stopped being friends, and even though "wife" and i only met 6 months ago, we really do get along... we actually get along so well that she didn't have a problem w/ me heading over to spend the afternoon w/ "BB" while she went off shopping w/ "baby"

why now, would "BB" call me and say come hang out? -ahh, because he THINKS it is his job to protect me... 1) he forgets he is YOUNGER THAN ME... 2) he is a little bit of a chauvinist (one reason we never would have worked long term) and 3) he thinks that i live in one of the most dangerous cities in the world and that since i live alone i need a gun and thus it is his job to take me to the shooting range to practice and then help me find the right gun for me (he is also planning on doing a total safety check of my apt and is probably running checks on my neighbors.... (all i'm gonna say is that he works in the pentagon)

now, understand - i do not have a problem with guns, and actually, the first (and only other) time he took me shooting i found it to be quite exhilarating.... but i am never going to be a card carrying member of the NRA either....

so off to the shooting range we went.... should i own my own gun, well - i don't know about that... HOWEVER, since most gun fights happen w/in 10 feel or less distance... i am REALLY REALLY ACCURATE in the kill zone - 7's, 8's, & 9's... for me a missed shot tended to be around the head of the groin (unfortunately, BB would then shoot at the same target he had me use and would decimate the targets so i didn't bring any home to take a picture of).... unfortunately i flinch like hell from the concussion, and not just when i am shooting - but from ALMOST EVERY SHOT in the range, well that and i mean, i understand why the glock has a 2 part trigger, but i really had trouble pulling it at times - my arm and hand is strong enough to shoot @ 200 rounds, and my arm, hand and finger aren't tired or sore today - but i don't think a glock is for me

on the humorous, yet potentially painful side, evidently the spring that shoots out the spent casings needs to be replaced - the spent rounds kept hitting me square in the middle of my forehead... fortunately i have a hard head and it actually didn't hurt - just kept surprising me (i could actually see them flying out of the gun at my face) - the painful ones were the flaming 5 that flew down my shirt into my bra!

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  • Bullets, Guns and Bras?!?

    Brilliant! I like this post! Grunt!

    I once dated a female Navy Pilot and she told me she couldn't wear a bra with underwires because of the potential for fire and g-forces. This reminded me of your post because... well I like to think about bras... Is that so wrong?!? :)

    Thanks for the very, very good piece of advice! I've only shot a gun once in Colorado. It was a lot of fun...

    No more 7s? Whine whine whine...

    By Blogger guygm, at Sunday, August 05, 2007  

  • Ha! My cousins (secret service, NCIS, CIA, etc.) are huge on me knowing how to shoot a gun! I think the ranges are fun, but I can't imagine ever owning one - they just don't come with enough cute accessories! :-p

    By Blogger Bre, at Monday, August 06, 2007  

  • I think it is great that you stay friends, you can never have enough friends.

    Guns have always scared me but my Dad was a hunter so I learned gun safety and to shoot at a young age. Beer and soda cans were our targets and we use rifles.

    I have shot some hand guns too but have never owned one because we were also taught that if you kill something you have to eat it.

    By Blogger Psychomom, at Monday, August 06, 2007  

  • I tend to either stay friends with exes or communications are cut off completely.

    I think it's running about half and half recently :)

    By Blogger Bone, at Tuesday, August 07, 2007  

  • I tend not to stay friends with any exes. I find it causes distress to future girlfriends and it's usually I'm heartbroken or she is...

    Thanks for the comment. You are correct nurses run the op. Hope your night is going well.


    By Blogger guygm, at Tuesday, August 07, 2007  

  • I sooooo want to fire a gun. And punch someone. Just once.

    By Blogger Esmerelda, at Wednesday, August 08, 2007  

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