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Friday, August 03, 2007


so, yesterday i was supposed to go visit some friends who are also moving... but that was a bust so that means most of the day was a waste...

i did wake up w/o an alarm SUPER DUPER early so i got in the car at @ 6:45 (ok, i was still in my pajamas) and drove to my new school on the back roads, with out a map AND DID NOT GET LOST. YEAH FOR ME..... it only took @ 15 minutes, and that was catching red lights and going the speed limit so that means i should be able to leave for work at that time every day and get to work ON TIME!!! (teachers have to be on duty at 7:30 and, last i heard, i have 1st period prep so i really have no reason to get to work super early except to find a parking place...)

i spend the rest of the morning changing addresses online, working on the living room, and dumping more stuff upstairs in the "correct room" and then right as i was getting ready to visit friends (they are moving to philly from same BFE town that i moved from, but their house only closes today... hubby has been in philly in navy housing for 2 weeks, they have been living w/ her parents) in the annapolis area she calls - emergency dr's visit.... 3 hours later i still haven't heard back - oh well..... she's the one who is gonna have 3 upset boys (sure enough, when she finally called w/ the official cancel call i could hear the youngest in a full fledged temper tantrum)

so, for now, my kitchen looks like a kitchen - except my dishes are still in a box on the dining room table... my dining room is still filled w/ boxes as i need another shelving unit ( i think i have to go to pier one ~ any would fit, but the top left would ROCK if my TV fits) in my living room... except for the need of another shelving unit, the living room is currently done... the bathroom SO NEEDS more storage but otherwise is good... the bedroom is ok, but has kind of become a dumping ground as the office IS A MESS!!!

so, today, i have to drop off a form at work so i can get internet access before the next decade and then i am going to go shopping... unfortunately - i don't enjoy shopping like most women do, so wish me luck....

and yeah, yeah - i WILL get pics posted eventually..... if i can ever find my camera


in some ways i am quite pleased w/ myself.. in other ways i am pissed off......

i took my dog for a walk to the cove of the creek at the edge of my property... as far as i know, he has never experienced water in this form, or sand - he was scared shitless - i did NOT FORCE HIM... we walked most of the way, and then i slowed down and let him walk at his own pace (got to love the stretch leash) until he got @ 2 feet away..... i then just sat down... he then started to inch closer and closer... he then put on paw on the sand and ran away... i immediately got up and ran w/ him... he was shaking like a leaf - i told him he was a good boy and gave him a treat.... i will obviously have to keep working on this.... mind you - this is the same dog that doesn't blink at fireworks and loves to go on car rides... if i could get my hands on the SOB who abused him before i got him............

i then made it to work to turn in my form and met again w/ the asst principal who even remembered how to pronounce my last name... the head principal was there so i got to meet her, her asst., the secretary, and the librarian too... so that was good..... they all had bits of helpful info for me...

i then made it back to where i live and past it to the neighborhood wal-mart w/o looking at the map w/o getting lost - unfortunately its a ghetto-mart......

i then found the mall w/ both IKEA and Pier1... yeah, uh... so not what i was hoping for... i ended up getting a cabinet at IKEA because i NEED IT - but the experiences as SO NOT what IKEA is supposed to be... it was all wonderful upstairs as i was measuring items and writing things down.... and then i got downstairs and found a few small items i needed and then i went to find the furniture pieces - AND NOTHING WAS WHERE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE.... i ended up in a showdown w/ a manager..... finally i won.... but the mood was ruined - then to add insult to injury, i walked outside into a MAJOR ASS THUNDER AND LIGHTNING STORE CENTERED OVER THE MALL COMPLEX I WAS AT WITH FLOODING IN THE PARKING LOT I HAD TO RUN THRU TO GET TO MY SUV (fortunately a grandmother offered to watch my cart while i got my car)... i am still a bit salty and don't want to put it together but i have to because otherwise i'll end up hurting myself on the pieces (it weighs 70#'s - i could get the box in & out of the car but i had to take it out of the box to get it up the stairs)

and pier1 was a complete and utter bust - the shelves i wanted are TINY - if they drop a TON in price, i might buy them - but not at $250.... - i didn't pay that much for my bed from them - and it is cast iron!!!!

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  • It sounds like things are coming together.
    Set some goals....like TODAY I will empty x amount of boxes or TODAY I will finish such and such a room.
    That helped me. I'm down to 3 piles: a pile that goes to school, a pile that goes to storage, and a pile that stays here, but doesn't have a home.

    By Blogger Mary Alice, at Friday, August 03, 2007  

  • Woo hoo!

    I moved in 12/2005 and I sitll have boxes.

    By Blogger Esmerelda, at Friday, August 03, 2007  

  • Damn the shopping experience! They sucker you in and sometimes I wonder how they make money.

    The job is sounding nice but your poor puppers, I don't understand how some people get off torturing animals. I'm sure you will be able to help him enjoy water again.

    I won't make a comment about all the moisture, smart ass. ;)

    By Blogger Psychomom, at Friday, August 03, 2007  

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