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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2 more good days

yesterday my phone rang right as school ended.... it was big brother... his wife had gone out of town and he was single fathering it and had to go shopping - did i want to go along?.... it was supposed to be a 90 mile drive each way - not that big of a deal when you are talking highways... yeah - it turned into a 200 mile drive each way.... at least he was driving.....however, his 18 month old daughter was NOT happy with him.... she did take to me though....

it was not the first time i had met "peanut" but it was the 1st time i had spent a lot of time with her..... she is really smart, but doesn't like to verbalize - so she uses sign language - not baby signs w/ pointing, but real ASL sign (big brothers wife is a reading specialist).... peanut also doesn't like wet diapers - she decided that i was a good person and let me take her to the bathroom so she could pee on the toilet --- YES, an 18 month old who self-toilet-trained.....

then, today at work.... my special ed students made some great observations - 1) i am not a pushover... 2) i have an evil glare (or at the one kid put it "a look that could scare babies")... & 3) i am tough but fair.... they are funny and i like them (so far - even the kid who walked out of class but he DID come back - he has a lot of emotional baggage..... it WAS only day 2 w/ this group)

my regular ed kids are another story - most of them are good so far - but 3 of them think the rules don't apply to them... yeah, well - wait till i call home and they get the progress notes w/ 0's all over them

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