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Saturday, July 28, 2007

moving in...

YIPPI - i am moved in!!... sort of

i have a couple suv loads at my parents house, and my dog is there too...

and i am still unpacking boxes...

that being said - my bed is set up, and my clothing is unpacked... my computer is set up with BOTH printers (ok, the one won't actually PRINT right now.....), i have cable, and i have internet AND i got both the vcr AND dvd set up in the office too (i do admit that it is a bit of a cord nightmare thought

i still have to unpack a TON of books... i have more books than ANYTHING - side effect of being a teacher i guess... the scary thing is that i got rid of a TON of teacher stuff too.......

hope all is well w/ ya'll and can't wait to catch up

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