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Friday, July 06, 2007

job hunt 8

so - this is it

i am going to sign my contract with major metropolitan school district and find a place to live too

PLEASE LET ME FIND A PLACE THAT ISN'T WHITE TRASH HELL!!! (ok, let it not be the `hood either)

i spent an hour today going toe to toe with the manager of my current building - someone in my building stole a fedex AND a usps package notice from me - can you say FEDERAL OFFENSE - all because they think i am the one who has been calling the cops on her (ok, i did call once, but not on her persay, just on the underage & rampant drug & alcohol party that had spilled over into the halls - i didn't know that it was from HER apt: i am a teacher and i don't need to get busted... now, normally i doin't care but the pot smoke was coming into my apt from the hallway under my door from DOWN STAIRS and since i am gonna have to take a drug test for my new job............. - but i am NOT the only one to call, nor am i the 1st or the last to call - oh, and did i mention that she is also a mother of 2 w/ 2 different babies daddies under the age of 2 and she is going to be a NURSE... sorry but i do NOT want her to be poking me w/ a needle)



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