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Thursday, June 28, 2007

super trainer

so, those of you who have been following my saga in the gym know i have a trainer whom i call "super trainer", or ST

for those of you out of the loop, this is because ST is 40 w/ the body of a 30 yr old (and i say that because i am 30 - but i am mistaken for early 20's a lot)

not only that, but she has 2 daughters - 18 & 16 - and she doesn't look like she ever had a kid... she practices what she preaches - she eats well, she continually increases her training knowledge, and she listens to me as her client - but she doesn't treat me like just a client - plus she has always extended my sessions longer than my paid for time :) (how can you complain about THAT - ok, except when it hurts)

originally, i only would work with ST every 3-4 weeks, when i was bored and needed a routine boost... but then i got sick and the deal was that i could return to the gym but only under supervision - so i called ST and so i booked tons of sessions with her - and yeah - it hurts the wallet...

since last summer when i started working out i have lost @ 60 pounds.... the last few months the scale hasn't moved - but i still find i need to buy new clothing as the stuff i own (and the replacement stuff too) is too big & keeps falling off.... YES - i know fat takes up less space than muscle - but there is still a bit to go....

but back to ST.... tomorrow is about her - for those of you who paid attention when i wrote about her before, you know she has cancer - breast cancer - CANCER DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE, no matter how much you take care of yourself! ..... and tomorrow is her mastectomy... so for those of you who pray, please throw one out for ST.....




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