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Monday, June 25, 2007

Rate your blog

Since we are still waiting for metropolitan school district to get back to us with bated breath... i have succumbed to going to the gym daily and stealling blog fodder - this time from dirk (thanks).... I earned this rating for the following:

ass (8x) crap (7x) bitch (2x) crack (1x)

seriously - just because i was being honest when i called my current place of emplyment crap ass high school.......

Online Dating


just imagine what would have happned if i talked about the crack whores....


  • Hee! So no one under 17 can view you?

    By Blogger Bre, at Monday, June 25, 2007  

  • I totally agree. I would NEVER let my kid read your blog. It would take away from the time they need to clean my house.

    By Blogger Jackass Jenn, at Monday, June 25, 2007  

  • It say I'm R-Rated too. they caught me on a subtle week, that's all.... ;)

    By Blogger Webmiztris, at Tuesday, June 26, 2007  

  • I got an R too. Im surprised it didn't trigger on "high" too. A few more of those and you might have got an NC-17! Good luck on your metropolitan adventure.

    By Blogger g-man, at Tuesday, June 26, 2007  

  • Ooooh, that's funny! Ass crap high school... I need to think of a clever moniker for the hell hole I teach at.

    By Blogger Kwizgiver, at Thursday, June 28, 2007  

  • I was PG. Now I feel boring.

    I mentioned gun 3x, death twice, and gay once.

    Gay is one of my links. And I have no recollection of ever typing "gun" on my blog. Guess I'm lucky I wasn't Rated G.

    By Blogger Bone, at Friday, June 29, 2007  

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