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Friday, June 08, 2007

Job Hunting 5

OMG - i have SO MUCH to say.....

1st - i think i REALLY AM GOING TO MOVE!!!

2nd - last week i went to a teacher job fair and was offered, not 1, not 2, but 3 jobs - ON THE SPOT!!!! (the 4th interview couldn't because they already had offered the job to someone else and were waiting to find out if it was accepted or not.)

3rd - i was supposed to go up in a big metal bird in the sky today to another job fair - but that district FUCKED UP BIG TIME!!!! fortunately i found out BEFORE i got on the plane... so i cancelled those plans and that leads us to.....

4th - i turned my keys in today from crap ass high school this morning.... crap ass district has "supposedly"given me my bid request to work in an elementary school next fall - but i haven't received my conformation letter yet - and i won't for another 3 or so weeks.... but it HAS been confirmed that i am out of crap ass high school......

5th - after said keys were turned in i drove a very long time to very nice hotel (i will post pictures cause you know i am weird like that when i get home) and tomorrow morning i will be attending a job fair in a major metropolitan area along the eastern seaboard


~~~ now, i KNOW some of you are asking/saying "WTF is she doing at ANOTHER job fair if she was offered 3 jobs last weekend..... the main reason i want out of crap ass high is that it is in the arm pit of america - there is no jewish community (and while this isn't a be all end all - it has negatively effected my dating life as mentioned in previous posts), there is no cultural life, if i NEED to get to my family - or they me - in case of emergency it is virtually impossible (and yes, as much as i bitch about them i still love them and want them in my life)

the offers came from a great district that would give me my dream classroom and a pay raise... for me to be able to afford my housing i would have to commute an hour - EACH WAY.... the closest temple is an hour away - the opposite direction from the affordable housing..... same w/ the cultural life.... and there is the same problem w/ the family issue....

THIS district, well, i might not get my dream classroom - but my LIFE will have, well more of a life. My dad works 90 due north via a TRUE interstate. There are multiple temples for me to choose from. My sorority has an active alumna group in the area, as does my university. The district offers tuition reimbursement so I could start taking classes again (which i have wanted to do for a while but i just cant afford to do since crap ass district doesn't reimburse).

ALSO - all of my family lives w/in 3 hours of this city - and if they don't want to drive they can get on Amtrak to get here - so no more lame excuse to not visit!

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  • Congrats on getting so many offers! Obviously they saw your fabulousness too!

    I think it's always best to explore your opportunities in places where you'll be happiest - so good luck with the new interviews too!

    By Blogger Bre, at Friday, June 08, 2007  

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