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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

5 Questions x 2

So Just Saying finally sent me my 5 questions and I FINALLY am replying… ADDITIONALLY -- ME sent me 5 TOO!… so here they all are:
JS?1) It's obvious after reading your blog for a while now that you are ready to
settle down, define Mr. Right, what kind of guy are you looking for?

~Have you ever heard the expression “lead, follow, or get out of the way?” I want NONE of these in Mr. Right

~ I am looking for a man who wants to be married and have children - not because it is what he is SUPPOSED to do it at this stage in life but because he is in love with me and WANTS TO…

~ I am looking for a man with whom I can carry on conversations about everything and nothing - and have comfortable silences with too….

~ I am looking for a man who can make me laugh and also get my humor - typically sarcastic & dry

~ I am looking for someone to somewhat balance me out - to give me space when I need it, to support me when I need it

~ but mostly - I am looking for someone to be my partner and to share my life with, ups AND downs….

JS?2) You have so much to offer. You are funny, intelligent, sweet and yet it
would seem that so much of your self esteem is tied up in your personal
appearance... Why do you think this is?

~ The first time I was told I needed to lose weight.. I was 6... It was my figure skating coach who I looked up to…. Even though my mom told her off - it stuck

~ By the time I was 10, my paternal grandmother was harping on me about my weight yet shoved food down my throat

~ In high school, the few people I dated were college students who I met at the local university when I was studying in the library where my mom worked - I NEVER dated anyone my age, and I never told the guys the truth. I was never overweight, but I was harassed and teased and picked on. I had diet pills shoved in my locker. I would have people ask me if I wanted to go to a party or to a movie with a group or to hang out - and then be told “ too bad [insert euphemism for overweight here]

~ In college, I was friends with all the guys I knew, but none of them dated me - the size 12 (btw - I LOST the freshman 15 my 1st year)… they dated the stick figures

~ Then my own mom started making comments on my weight… of course she was also shoving food down my throat like the mother-in-law she hated

~ Even today - I am the overweight girl in the group…. Ever time I am with my friends, I am the one who gets passed over… I am the short dumpy one - even when I try my hardest to look my best…

JS?3) If you could change any one thing about your life... Anything... What would
it be and why?

~ I would have moved away from the town I live in as SOON as I graduated from college and moved to a major city instead of still being here….

JS4) If you could change any one thing about the world... Anything... What would
it be and why?

~ End discrimination - …. Even today, in ENGLISH class we ended up talking about the Civil Rights Movement and how it effected them - how the legislation of Brown vs. The Board of Education was actually the basis for the legal arguments of inclusive education for students with disabilities - I’m not saying everyone should always agree with everyone else’s belief’s - but accept that different people have different beliefs

JS?5) What has been your greatest accomplishment to date, and what is one thing
you hope to accomplish in the future?

I think my greatest accomplishment has been to reach individual kids that I have worked with over the last few years…. From the 2 autistic children who I started working with weeks after they were diagnosed until they were ready to go to school with out supports (their current teachers don’t even believe that they HAVE autism) to the girl who had me last year as a 9th grade learning support English student and I pushed out into regular English - she has THE HARDEST 10th grade English teacher this year (not my fault), she is successful in there, AND she is our school’s Poet Laureate this year

ME?1) When looking for a guy, what's most important...money, appearance, or status?

~ None of the above… because all of those fade… but I think I kind of already answered this one above….

ME?2)When you were younger, what did you think your life would be like at this point?

~ I have never been the kind of girl who planned her life out… I don’t know what my wedding will be like (ok, I know what I would like my wedding DRESS to look like if I could loose some more weight)

~ The most I could say is that I have always pictured myself in the role of teacher - just not THIS role….

~ I originally though I would be a figure skating teacher

~ I then though I would be a music teacher - I can play the piano, flute, piccolo, violin, viola, timpani, and well, a number of others with a lot of practice……..

ME?3) What is your secret talent? Why haven't you shared it with us before?

~ I can fold my tongue into a W - I tried to take a picture but it didn’t work….

ME?4)In your life, who--if anyone--do you trust 100%?

~Myself…. Each of my best friends knows a LOT about me… but NO ONE knows it all…

ME?5)What is your morning routine? Take us through, step by step, what you do between waking up and leaving for work.

~ 5:50 Radio alarm goes off and vaguely acknowledge it… its SUPPOSED to “softly” wake me up, but I never actually get up….
~ Cell phone alarm goes off @ 10 min later - I turn it off
~ Cell phone alarm 2 goes off 20 min later - I use the snooze button
~ Alarm on the other side of the room goes off so I get up and hit THAT snooze button -

*Now I have 2 randomly timed snooze alarms going off on both sides of the room AND an awake dog

~ By 6:40 at the latest I give up and take the little shit outside, give him a treat and take my am meds
~ Shower - I start w/ my hair and end at my toes
~ Hair up in a towel I then brush my teeth, deodorant, lotion, then attempt to blow dry my hair by flipping my head upside down….if, when I flip back up it isn’t going 12 directions great - it will settle down by the time school starts…. Otherwise it goes up in a clip.
~ I then block the dog in the bathroom/bedroom end of the hallway & get dressed….
~ Then I grab my stuff and head off to face the world



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