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Monday, April 09, 2007

wacky wild meme

ok.... a little late but......

Mel tagged me w/ the letter W on a the Meme where you create a list of 10 things you like and 10 things you dislike starting w/ that letter - ok, I stretched some and used it to start a sentence - W IS HARD:


Weekends (especially 3 & 4 day ones)
Watching my friends kids growing up
Waterfalls (especially the one's you can stand behind)
Walking thru the woods in the NE part of the US in the Fall as the leaves change
Window seats (where you can curl up with a good book &/or nap)
Winter days (especially when there is a nice fire to return to)
Whiskey (or Scotch, preferably top shell thank you)
Walking, especially w/ my dog
Wandering around NYC
Watching a good concert at an outside venue


Washing, folding & putting away laundry
Washing my car
Washing dishes by hand
Working on Mondays
Watching rude kids in public places
Watching the parents of the above kids not discipline their kids
Waiting because other people are lazy
Working on the weekend
Watching RERUNS on TV
Worrying about others



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