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Thursday, April 05, 2007

vacation survival update

i made it through the majority of my vacation...

overall i had a great time...

only a few minor mishaps....
  • i forgot MY camera so i had to borrow my dad's so i currently have no pictures to show you because he is out of town w/ HIS laptop for work
  • i didn't have hot water in my room for 2 days (they let me run across the hall both days) but they also took off @ 20% of my bill for all FOUR nights, not just 2 of them so i saved even MORE than i expected to (which was even better than having to move to a different room after unpacking)
  • MY laptop died so i am not giving a real up date as i am using my mom's really old DIAL UP comp to do this little "I AM ALIVE" update
  • the guy - he is only 5'3, took one look at me - 2 inches taller than him, and never looked me in the eye again for the rest of the day that he took me sight seeing.... he WAS a better date than the one i talked about over the winter holiday's though..
MORE UPDATES to come once i get a replacement computer or lappy fixed next week & hopefully the pics on dad's camera are decent and i will have something to post....


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