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Monday, April 09, 2007

short short men....


i LOVE how no one has commented about the TRIP but you HAVE all commented about "SHORT MAN" & his complex

i didn't CARE about the fact that we LITERALLY could see eye to eye

but i could tell he did based on on his expression as soon as he saw me walk out of the hotel...

ANYHOW.... (rolling my eyes)

positive news: i just got a KICK ASS new desktop for FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS so i am now back online!

i haven't had time yet to upload my pics but i will try to do so by the end of the week...

and well.... since i LITERALLY got back from the trip last night and got the new comp set up an hour ago, i have TONS of back reading and commenting to do so give me some time and i will get caught up w/ you all

hope you are all well my blogging buds!


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