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Sunday, February 11, 2007

winter "wonder" land

wow, it's been a week

ok, so most of it i spent in bed..... on a daily basis i find myself weighing the pros & cons of the benefits vs. the side effects of the medications i am on - this week was a bad week...... although i must say the feeling of my head floating above my body was an interesting feeling.... i don't think the extreme cold is helpful for my head - as soon as i walk outside i get a crushing pain ripping through my head....

living in the northeast, i have been hit by the snow storms of 2007 - not as bad as Oswego & Mexico New York, but still, it has been pretty cold & white... i wish i had a digital camera to show you the 3 foot snow & icicle overhang outside of my window - it is incredible!! i mean, literally - the over hang OUT away from the building is 3 more feet... and some of the icicles hang down 6 or more feet!

However, we have still had school because 1) we don't bus our kids (they take public transportation or walk) and 2) most of our families are below the poverty line and can't afford alternative child care or to take the day off from work.... and 3) since we don't' know how long the cold snap will be the superintendent decided to just have school and if parents don't want to send the kids fine....just send a note in w/ the kids when they come back in.... on the PLUS side, most of the bad kids have been gone and school had actually been pleasant

i did something yesterday i haven't done for YEARS -- i went SNOWSHOEING!!! there is a local nature area that has some walking trails and biking trails. and you can rent snow shoes for only a few bucks and away you go. we had a blast. i was a little bumed when i saw that along the edge of the trail is a huge development of homes - granted, if i could afford one of those homes, i would probably want to LIVE in one of them.... but it is sad that right next to the nature center you find this development....... positives of the day included: i remembered to layer and to NO wear cotton, because any outdoors person knows "cotton kills" and i got a fairly good workout (this i know as my ass still hurts ;) .... the only negative is that i wanted to hike longer but was exhausted after an hour & my friend is defiantly in better shape than i am in... but i HAVE been sick.... one day at a time... one hike at a time


  • At least you got some fun out of the week. I've never been showshoeing.

    By Blogger Lowry, at Sunday, February 11, 2007  

  • i've always wanted to snowshoe- sounds fun!

    By Blogger Sizzle, at Sunday, February 11, 2007  

  • Sorry you haven't been feeling well - I hate teaching when I'm under the weather! Snowshoeing sounds awesome.


    By Blogger Claire, at Monday, February 12, 2007  

  • That's an interesting school cancellation policy - keep it open and whatever kids can make it in, great!

    The teacher staff must really like it though...

    -Paul formely "Darius" of possible gospel

    By Blogger Paul, at Monday, February 12, 2007  

  • the interesting thing about snowshoeing is that you really just walk like normal... if you are watching someone else, it looks like they are shuffeling, but they arent.... of course, if you turn too quickly, you can step on your own shoe and trip yourself but it is actually quite easy

    By Blogger question girl, at Thursday, February 15, 2007  

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