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Thursday, February 15, 2007

snow day bliss

i was so excited - NO SCHOOL on the disgustingly sweet day

i hate the hallmark holiday

the only flowers i have ever gotten in my entire 30 years have been from my parents on my birthday... unfortunately - because my b-day is the day before hallmark holiday red hearts & flowers i tend to get red roses --- they ARE beautiful this year, as the pic (my first posted pic btw) shows - even if it IS from my crappy camera phone....

"we" have an extraordinarily high number of obese students at my school - and how many of them will be given candy for hallmark holiday??

so when hallmark holiday is chosen as the first day to be called as a snow day in YEARS i was THRILLED.......... unfortunately, many of the kids still brought their crap to school today..

on the positive side - MY birthday flowers, although 2 days late, were delivered to me at school/work today too : )


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