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Friday, February 16, 2007

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i know a secret

in the grand scheme of the world it is a little thing - but for the people involved..... its a big one - actually it is a combination of secrets....

actually... if i think about it - i know a LOT of secrets - some i have kept for years

i am what you might call a SECRET KEEPER....

for some reason, people feel comfortable divulging things to me that they would not tell their best friends

but this time i am going to share part of the secret..... for i am still wondering why it was shared

today, an administrator at my school told me somethings about his personal life

the part i am shareing is that he is living in my development.... now, it happens that i already knew his "secret" because i have 2 eyes & had observed his recent travels to and from work along the same route as mine... however this is NOT public knowledge in my school where gossip typically runs rampant like wild fire.... when he saw me in the hall today he, looked around (as if to check for others) and then asked me if i lived in the development... i looked at him w/ a look that said "duh!, you know i do" but politely answered yes.... he then told me he did too... not one to play coy i said i knew he did... he said "you do?" to which i said "i DO have 2 eyes, but i also know when to keep my mouth shut, and since it's not my business, i have." he then told me if i ever have car problems to feel free to give him a call in the morning and i did vice versa....

of course.... i would NEVER ASK for help... but that is a totally different passive aggressive issue

the weird thing though is... why would an administrator confide in a 2nd year teacher?????


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