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Sunday, January 07, 2007

horridscope sunday

so, after last year's dating trauma's you would think i would take a break... but NO, i seem to be a glutton for punishment.... it seems that the new year sent all the single guys to the electronic dating pool at the same time, for all of a sudden my inbox is full with "new and interesting people who want to meet me"



new year - new dating attitude

so, i got a call last night from the new one i gave my number to... and we talked for 3 hours and then he had to go as he was going out with a friend - a little nerdy, but a great sense of humor... seems to know when to push and when to back off during a conversation.... went to end the phone call and asked if he could call back soon and we were still talking 20 minutes later (door bell actually rang and i heard the friend in the background) i told him he could call back when he got home as i was sure to be up late.... he called but felt bad since it was 11 pm - we were STILL on the phone at 3 am!!!

when we got off the phone he said he enjoyed talking to me and would call in a few days....

so today i did the whole song and dance around the apt - i wanted to let him know that i enjoyed talking to him too....but i didn't want to come off stalkerish....

what is a girl to do.... well, i remember that during our conversation he noted that he found me to be a strong and confident woman who seems to march to my own drummer....

and then i read:

Flirtation is just the icing on the already delicious cake when you meet someone
(or a few different someones) with whom you really connect. So let your best,
most brazenly adorable side come out to play.

well.... he jokingly alluded to the phone calls as dates... well, after a typical date the girl either waits around for the guy to call 3 days later or brazenly picks up the phone and calls the next day herself ... but what do you do after a phone date???

well, i let my most brazen adorable side come out to play, and sent him an e-mail

**** UPDATE for those of you who were nosey and e-mailed me, this was the e-mail i sent him:

i just wanted hi and let you know i had a great time last
night... i truely don't remember the last time i had that much fun just talking,
nor can i think of a conversation that covered that wide a variety of topics : )
i hope you have a good rest of the weekend & to hear from you soon

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