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Saturday, December 02, 2006

training oops!

so, working with ST is a great workout

2 days later i am still sore, but it is good sore

but my BOOBS HURT!!!!

so, some of what happened....

she starts me out on the bike --- YUCK i say

but she puts me on one of those sitting ones, the ones w/ the backs - and it's NOT THAT BAD!!!

and then we do legs - but instead of BOTH legs at once, she makes me do them one at a time --- i didn't think i would get all 3 sets out, but now that i did it, i feel so accomplished!!!

and then we moved to arms & back..... my back - wow, i feel it still - but in a good way still - i'm gonna have a SEXY BACK - oh YES I AM

and then we move to chest and the hurtin' boobs...

she has me on the incline bench for fly's.... 8lbs..... no biggie - i can do this in my sleep... but then comes the twist..

"lets use an alternative grip" and she turns my hands so my thumbs are facing DOWN

and one, and two, and three, and four, and f..i..v..e, a...n.....d...... and my arm slow motion collapses on me and of course there are HOT GUYS EVERYWHERE

fortunately i can laugh at myself... and ST laughs at my laughing - i actually didn't even realise i had done 6 until SHE MADE ME DO IT AGAIN!!!!

so until next time!

have a happy saturday!



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