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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

holidays & heroes


3 days and counting.....

how do you keep 75 kids under control for a week before holiday break?

i know what i am NOT doing - and that is by NOT handing them christmas pictures and crayons. i am sorry but i will NOT go there!!!!

so my older kids read a story about roberto clemente last week, and it called him a hero. so i had a conversation with them about hero's. i have to say i was actually QUITE impressed. remember, i teach kids who's average iq is about 70.

we started out by talking about how roberto was considered a hero because he lead the pittsburgh pirates to the world series twice. from there the discussion led to why & should professional athletes BE considered heroes. we talked about other famous people who are considered heroes such as oprah (over all consensus is that she is because she gives money to good causes, NOT because of her talk show), bill gates (again, because of the money) and martin luther king. the students were basically in agreement that anyone who does things to help others is a hero, even those we don't know about - and that athletes who are known for being good players shouldn't be, UNLESS they ALSO do good deeds.

from there, things got interesting. one of the students asked about new orleans and katrina. we talked about the good and bad things that happened with the helping for the people there. from there, someone brought up Bush........and the military

AND WE KEPT the conversation surrounding heroes.

lets just say on their own, they came to the following conclusion:

military = heroes

bush = NOT

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