why ask why me?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the date that went nowhere.....

it has nothing to do with the distance....

it is even more complicated than the following reasons i gave to my mother:

  1. he repeatedly checked his blackberry even though work knew he was unavailable
  2. he is homophobic
  3. he laughs like a hyena even though he has no sense of humor
  4. he didn't hold the door open for me AT ALL

i am 29 years old. i want a man who is interested in me, not just himself and how the world effects him negatively. he didn't once ask me about me, or my job. we didn't talk about politics. we didn't talk about family or friends, or funny things that that happened when we were kids.


lunch was at an ok sushi restaurant, and then went and saw the new Rocky movie.

at least he paid.



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