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Monday, November 27, 2006

wake up calls

got to love when the phone rings and a guy's voice is on the other end of the line

even better when you realize it is a hot guy

until you realize you look like ASS....

Today is an unofficial holiday in the "great state of PA - it is the opening day of rifle season for buck hunting (also known as "lets kill bambi's dad day!" for those of you who are a bit more crass)

anyway - i had called in a problem with my phone line last week.

today, i didn't have to go to work. since something like 99% of my students are hanging out in their tree stands today the school board makes today a "school holiday (ok, so most of my coworkers are there too)

so when the phone rang i was a little surprised, but i figured it was "new somewhat hopefully potential but not holding my breath since he lives a bit of a drive away guy"

but this guy had that hot steamy wake me up anytime you want voice

and he was hear to take care of my "work order"

um... what work order?

oh, darn - THAT work order

and THEN i let him in

HOT DAMN - and that was before he put on his tool belt

can you say DROOL FEST

and then i realised what i looked liked


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