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Thursday, November 09, 2006


i asked for questions and you pulled through…

the first question came to me from “me” - me asks me:

what do i do to combat PMS & cramps ?

my OBGYN told me (at 13) that once I had a baby the cramps would be better – mom put the kabosh on that idea FAST ---- well, 16 years later I am still in pain… however, doc DID put me on the pill and that actually helps – for @ a year i took myself off of it and I regretted it so even though I am not having sex I am on the pill (and it helps w/ the complexion too!)

for a while I took pain killers but the OTC’s don’t work and it got to the point that all that worked were codine-based (which knock me out so really they don’t deal w/ the pain) or vioxx (which evidently increased death)

question 2 comes from jenn – in true jackass fashion, she asks:

If you could remove one finger and be guaranteed to be free of all diseases for the rest of your life - would you?

um….. could I give up two toes instead of a finger??? and it has nothing to do w/ what others would think, or for jewlery usage, but because every once in a while I still pull out a musical instrument and I need all of my fingers… (that, & I am finally a full 10 finger typer)

question 3 comes from sexy scott:

what would i not do for a million dollars?

get a tattoo or eat anything that would be found on a show such as fear factor.... i am jewish and it is against jewish law to get a tattoo but also, i saw my great grandparents tattoo's from the concentration camps - it would JUST BE WRONG for me to get one... as for food, i am willing to try lots of stuff, but i do draw a line at civilized food

barry is full of questions & he asks the following:

what is the hardest choice i ever had to make?

if i eat fries - do i use ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard?

when in that place half-way between being awake and asleep - what do i most often think about?

the hardest choice i ever had to make…… i really don’t know – in reality, most of my life choices aren’t really life altering – maybe standing up for myself and walking away from a job where i loved what i did but not how i felt about myself at the end of each day because of the people i worked FOR

do i use ketchup, mayo or mustard when i eat fries? – VINEGAR is my 1st choice…. but i usually use ketchup as vinegar isn't ususally available… and sometimes i make “fry sauce” by mixing mayo & ketchup but that is usually only in private since it grosses most people out… and btw – who the hell eats fries w/ mustard???

when I am in that place between half awake & half asleep, I think about a couple things

1) do I really have to go to the bathroom or can I sleep a bit longer
2) if I get up to go pee will the dog get up and need to go out too
3) will I have enough time to get more sleep in
4) this would be so much better w/ a hot guy next to me so I could go pee and then wake him up and have my wicked way with him
5) who the fuck is the ass hole calling me at this hour and if they don’t have a REALLY good reason I’m gonna’ KICK THEIR ASS

& last but not least…. the final Q is from Miss Amy…. and she asks:

if i had to have the same dessert each night for one month, what would it be?

wegmans (my “local” grocer) chocolate tiramisu – no, its not made w/ rum… but it IS yummy…. and it comes in its own bowl so clean up is easy… it has just enough chocolate that it isn’t overly chocolaty.. it has just enough lady fingers so it isn’t too cakey, and it has just enough everything else to be a good balance for everyday…

this was actually a lot of fun - so come on guys - give me some tough ones........ CHALLENGE ME!!!



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