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Sunday, October 22, 2006

procrastination central

i am attempting a preemptive strike for the "where is question girl" posts and comments that i have been invoking recently from my faithful bloger friends

if i proceed to pull a ghost over the next week, here is what i am up against.....

i admit - much of it is my own fault - i tend to work best under pressure (aka - time crunch)


i SO should be doing paperwork right now

anyone who knows anything about special education knows that special ed teachers have more paperwork than anyone can imagine

i actually asked an administrator the other day 'so, um... when am i supposed to actually teach?"

yeah - not so much of a good move

so.... i am really behind on my paperwork so i lugged a crate (*hanging head in shame - yes, i have one of those collapsible buckets on wheels w/ a handle) and TWO bags of paperwork home

on friday - i got home and spent half an hour organizing all of my paperwork on my dining room table and office desk....i then proceeded to take a nap..... then i fed the dog and went to bed early....

on saturday - i got up, took care of the dog..... stood at the table and stared at the work... i reorganzed some stuff... and then watched two college football games... and then i napped during the world series game..... off and i e-mailed, took the dog to the groomers, paid bills, balanced the check book (which i am proud to gloat has some cash in it for now AND was balanced already!!!!)..... and then went to bed early AGAIN

today (sunday) - i got up, took care of the dog, took a nap, and FINALLY at @ 3 gave in and started doing my paperwork... the paperwork that was in the bags.....

now i have to begin to tackle the crate and i am avoiding it like the plague

oh - and did i mention i am fighting off the sinus infection from hell AND bronchitis?!?!?!?

could someone just take me out back and shoot me to put me out of my misery????

so the next time i disappear, just re-read this post - it will give you a good idea what is going on.....



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