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Friday, August 18, 2006

a new low

my age: 29

my dating status: crapola

my friday night dinner: easy mac



  • It's hard to believe that a girl like you isn't attracting the guys like flies to well..crapola.

    By Blogger Phil, at Friday, August 18, 2006  

  • I'm older, ate a BBQ sandwich, but other than that we have the crapola thing in common. Oh well.


    By Blogger CP, at Friday, August 18, 2006  

  • Word.

    By Blogger Grampa, at Friday, August 18, 2006  

  • I can beat that...

    I'm married and I spent last night alone, while my husband had about four or five friends over to hang out/play cards/whatever the hell it is they do...I was the designated door answerer, till I got tired of it and went to bed at 9:00.

    By Blogger Me, at Saturday, August 19, 2006  

  • No worries, man. It will happen when it is meant to happen.

    By Blogger -J, at Saturday, August 19, 2006  

  • I spent last night on the couch..with my mom. watching HGTV.


    You and I need to go drinking.

    By Blogger Jackass Jenn, at Saturday, August 19, 2006  

  • Sounds like my world! Hey, at least even though we're alone, we;re not ALL alone!

    By Blogger Ego's Alter, at Saturday, August 19, 2006  

  • phil - hrumph...

    cp - huh...so you are staying this doesn't get any better?

    grandpa - to your mother

    me - i fell asleep on the couch by 9:30.. i couldnt face the perpetually empty bed alone again

    j - uh hu, i try to believe that.... however, i am having trouble believing that today

    jenn - you name the time & place, we'll take every bar by storm, they won't know what hit them when we are done!

    ego - you so need a real e-mail so we can "chat" and comiserate

    By Blogger question girl, at Saturday, August 19, 2006  

  • I'm sure it gets better. In truth there is some good that comes out of being single and getting a chance to reflect on couples to see what works and what doesn't. I imagine anyone that is single has moments (maybe many of them) that they wish they weren't. But what I have learned by taking a break from the opposite sex has been very valuable, not just in learning more about myself and what makes me happy, but learning what will make someone else happy when the time comes.

    You'll be fine.


    By Blogger CP, at Saturday, August 19, 2006  

  • Jesus, maybe we are long lost twins. Enough said.

    By Blogger Nigel Vossap, at Sunday, August 20, 2006  

  • cp - it's not like this is a new event.... i have dated off an on all my life... the longest "craplationionship" was @ 3 years, almost 3 years ago....

    i have lived alone for 7 years (since leaving college)

    i'm over it

    Nigel - if you only knew

    By Blogger question girl, at Sunday, August 20, 2006  

  • Have you been spying on me on friday nights? lol

    Sounds like my life. At least it's nice to know you're not the only one in the boat. Right?

    By Blogger Lindsey, at Sunday, August 20, 2006  

  • that sounds hauntingly familiar. Though lately I'm stuck on ramen noodles again, a la my college years. classy

    By Blogger Bre, at Sunday, August 20, 2006  

  • If you are not married by the time you are 30, I will marry you.

    By Blogger Thomas, at Sunday, August 20, 2006  

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