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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

tired tuesdays

well, yesterday was as useless day.
today isn't looking much better.
i didn't sleep well.
i woke up w/ a belly ache.
i have no desire to do anything productive.

HOWEVER, i have done some work around here... check out my side bar & .....

My 7's column is now up & running, with this weeks new posting: 7 things i learned from my dad

keep sending those "7's" topic suggestions my way

future issues include: things i learned from my mom, & worst lines from guys (and some of these are GOOD, er, bad, er, well you get the drift)


  • There is nothing wrong with have a couple of blah, lazy days.

    Hope things brighten up soon though!

    By Blogger Me, at Tuesday, July 11, 2006  

  • Do you have that
    "comments must be approved by moderator" thing here? I'd swear I just left a comment.

    By Blogger Phil, at Tuesday, July 11, 2006  

  • *LOL* for those of you wondering...i have the comments e-mailed to me when you post them... that way i know if i need to respond to them in public, in private, or not at all...

    By Blogger question girl, at Tuesday, July 11, 2006  

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