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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Old flames & "horrid"scopes

Now, I am a pretty down to earth girl. However, just for shits & giggles, I sometimes check out my horoscope. My ISP even provides a great homepage with lots of news options, and it posts the kooky thing there for me.

So imagine my surprise when I got home last night to find this on my computer: "Soulmate activity stirs. An old email or phone number suddenly turns up. Do you think it is time to make contact again?" and a message on my answering machine. Instead of listening to the message, I checked the caller ID box first and found none other than "turds" name w/ his number popping up on caller id!!!

And no, for all of you wondering if I caved, I did NOT call back. Nor will I. I deserve someone better than that. And I will find him - or he me...

I found it even more amusing when I was woken up to the sound of the Pussycat Dolls this morning singing "dontcha"- I then found it hilarious to hear "turd" apologizing and asking for another chance as I listened to the song! (I know I have moved on when I can wait 12 hours to listen to a message - YIPPI)

I admit, I am one sick chick... But my soulmate is out there. HE will get my humor. HE will appreciate my mind. HE will accept everything about me. And he won't have a reason to apoligze for being a turd as a way to get a second chance.

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