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Monday, July 03, 2006

Oh Crappy Day

So today seems to be a blah and crappy day for us all.

I feel it too.

Guy situations suck.

Great people are dying.

I keep crying - unable to stop them in private.

But I am the one all the others turn to in times of strife and struggle. So I bottle up my sadness, my issues, my tears, my pain.

My problems seem insurmountable to me, but everyone else seems to have a bigger problem so I bite my tongue.

The one person I want to call, I don't know if I can. Will he answer? If he doesn't is it because he screened the call or is he not home? If he does, is it because he wants to or because I made him feel guilty the other day? Is it even fair for me to call him to lay my sadness at his feet?

What to do when there is no one to turn to?



  • I know sometimes it can be sucky feeling alone..

    And the holidays seem to amplify it.

    My number one rule on who to call or not to call is if they go out of their way to show respect for me.

    I was very tempted to call my ex with all this doggie stuff going on but I didn't and leaned on friends instead.

    Does he know you saw all the other emails about that girl?

    By Blogger Rachel Heather, at Tuesday, July 04, 2006  

  • rachel, thanks

    how is nala??

    you know, i have been in such a slump i forgot that tuesday is a holiday...

    and OH YEAH - he knows about the e-mails... and "the shittith, hittith, the fanith" (to quote 10 things i hate about you)

    i then sent my own e-mail and got almost an immediate resposne... and i chatted with him a little while ago... most of it was like a normal call... only a couple times were there duds in the converation - basiclly things hit to close to the "other" girl

    one day at a time

    By Blogger question girl, at Tuesday, July 04, 2006  

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