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Thursday, July 06, 2006

New day, Newish friends, New outlook on life....Sort of

Ok, so maybe not a fully new outlook...but this past evening (really wed. night, as it is now a very early thurs. morning) sure took my mind off the turd and the trainer. I have a few "groups" of friends. Some of which overlap. This is where they overlap.

As I mentioned "earlier" (what a relative term) today, I spent the day suffering from symptoms similar to those of a hangover - AND I DIDN'T EVEN DRINK yesterday. So after playing not-so-great aunt I came home and took a LONG NAP. And then woke up wide awake at 9pm. So I went to "the bar" and some of my new friends were there. And I proceed to get dissed by a chick!

Ok, not exactly, but I did. New friend "D" has been "seeing" (aka f*%$ing) Sara. Now, last night at the bonfire D told me he has been trying to break it off with her but she doesn't get it. In fact, she SO wants to be part of the group that she has tried sleeping with ALL of them.

I HAVE NEVER SLEPT WITH ANY OF THEM - sometimes, like last night there is inappropriate bantering... and my boobs have gotten more action than I can remember - but other than that it has been a mutual hands off situation

Now the guys are all playing this poker game, so I sit down at the table by Owner, he gives me a hug & a smacker on the lips (he is the closest thing i have to a brother) and I get hugs from some of the other guys.. and I am just quietly watching. Sara sits down by D. Then she leaves to go to a dance club and sends a text to D asking: "Who is the chick with owner?" See, she doesn't know that even though I don't normally show up on poker night, I am part of the "family" there.

So, we, being the evil bunch we are send back : "Owners new flavor of the week." Oh, btw, owner is married and I am friends with her TOO!

So Sara sends back: "He chose THAT over me???" Now, as is evident from past posts, my self confidence is somewhat lower & my weight is a little higher than the average chick, but tonight this doesn't even phase me - I actually laugh..

Now, here is where things get interesting: THE GUYS ARE PISSED. They actually stop play to discuss their course of action. They decided to not even dignify her catty comment with a response to her. But they also decide that they are going to tell her who I am and how she compares to me when she gets back.

They proceed to tell me that the thing that makes me so great is that of all the girls they know from the group, I have the best personality. Now, normally I would take "best personality" to mean nice girl, but we won't sleep with you. But these are guys I have known a long time, 3 are married guys & 6 are single. AND THEY STOPPED PLAYING POKER to tell me that they would rather hang out with me than any chick who would blow them in the back room anyday..... Maybe I'm wrong, but most guys I know wouldn't stop playing poker if a chick laid down on the table naked - but they stopped play for me.

My response was: "Guys, I'm fine with it. If you all knew the shit I've been going thru you would be even madder. Just let it go - she is insignifiant."

But they KEPT telling me how "great" I am & similar statements. So I finally I told them thank you.

And then Sara returned. And I just smiled to myself. And the guys proceeded to circle around me and they ignored her. I have NEVER garnered so much attention in my life.


So, maybe being single chick isn't so bad right now after all - because if a group of guys are going to give up an easy chick for me, I must be doing SOMETHING right.


  • In a strange way, that sounds like a great night! I'm glad you visited my blog. I like yours. I stopped playing poker to read it.

    By Blogger Phil, at Thursday, July 06, 2006  

  • That sounds like a fun night!

    I have guy friends (like brothers to me) that are like that too and they are great relationships to have!

    I hope you are feeling better and not feeling sad for that turd of a guy!

    Oh and in a recent survey done by Cosmo (or something like that) it was polled that the majority of men like women to have curves on them. So I bet your weight (though it is probably far less than you think it is) is probably a good one


    By Blogger Rachel Heather, at Thursday, July 06, 2006  

  • You must be pretty great to have guys jump to your defense like that!

    By Blogger Me, at Saturday, July 08, 2006  

  • me...
    tell that to all the OTHER guys... remember, as much as they protect me - none of them are dating me....

    By Blogger question girl, at Saturday, July 08, 2006  

  • Give me their e-mail addresses and I will! :)

    By Blogger Me, at Sunday, July 09, 2006  

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