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Friday, July 07, 2006

Loss of Freedom

Today I spent part of the afternoon with a friend from work. For whatever reason, she thinks I am "intuitive." This initially stems from me realizing that she was nervous on a day cruise we were on. Well, duh - she doesn't know how to swim and she got on a boat!

From there, she has asked me to hold her jewelry and tell her what I feel. Now, I love her with all my heart, but seriously??? But I did it - using my knowledge of jewelry and my knowledge of how guys gift.

So anyway, we went on a short trip @ 50 miles out of town. To get there, we have to go over a bridge over part of a lake.

No biggie... Well actually yeah, biggie.

I hate bridges.

I hate heights.

So, we get to the bridge and she starts rambling on about who knows, because all I can hear is static in my ears as I focus with all I have. We are on the bridge, there is a lot of traffic, and it is windy. And she looks at me and sees me and says: You are afraid!


From there we went into a discussion about fears. She is afraid of tunnels and dying in them. I admit, that I have experienced trepidation when I can't see light at either end of them. But I never was too worried.

Did she have to bring up tunnels?

I get home, and what is the first news story?

A terrorist plot to set off explosives in the PATH railway tunnels under the Hudson River in October or November was disrupted in its planning stages, and several suspects in the plot have been apprehended, law enforcement officials said today. (NYTimes Online)

Great. Ok, so they got the bad guys - this time.

Now, I try to not base my life on my fears - but this one got to me, since I am going to be in the NYC area in a month.

I miss the innocence of youth.

I hope that someday, we can find a little bit of it again.



  • I agree. Although when we were younger it wasn't Al Quaeda, it was communists, nuclear weapons and school shooters. It's always something.

    By Blogger Phil, at Friday, July 07, 2006  

  • This makes me think of Billy Joel's "We Didnt Start the Fire."
    Despite all of this, I truly hope that your visit up here to NYC is one that is enjoyable and adventurous.

    By Blogger ThursdayNext, at Friday, July 07, 2006  

  • I'm curious...what did you tell her when you held the jewelry?

    By Blogger Me, at Saturday, July 08, 2006  

  • thursday... speaking of readings in english class - we disected that song in 7th grade...

    some of it was obviously OLD, like the stuff i keep locked in the bank, so i knew had been passed down thru family.... some of it was traditionally cheesy harts w/ diamond chips that was obviously given by a spouse or her children at mothers day or a birthday - very commercial... and some of it was that unique stuff that you are given because it catches your eye and makes you think of that special someone.... i was vague but right at the same time

    just because i am a tomboy doesnt mean i don't know what is going on

    By Blogger question girl, at Saturday, July 08, 2006  

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