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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

i'm BACK....... but not better than ever - YET

so, feeling as uncomfortable as i was last week - i decided to take off & leave town for a few days to think... and here is where i am at

i really like the school i teach at....i get along well with coworkers... most of the parents leave us alone - and when we DO contact each other, we seem to be in agreement....

but i am not happy with my life outside of school...so, off to figure out the rest of my life....outside of work (i think the biggest thing is that i will spend this school year being the best i can as a teacher, but outside of school i will be working on figuring out what i need to do to get hired in another state - certification requirements)

i want to thank those of you who left some great thoughts both on & off the blog regarding personal purpose... and "just some guy", thanks for the link!
so, how interesting that on my day back, this was my horridscope:

Genuine satisfaction is the result of profound self-knowledge. Once you truly understand who you are and how you operate, you can make decisions that meet all your needs in a healthy and growth-oriented way.

so i have decided to reevaluate and shift my summer introspection goal from finding my "purpose" to understanding who i am & how i operate.......

Wish Me Luck!!!


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