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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Garden State

well, since yesterday's post went over so well, i have decided to give a 2nd review:

AGAIN - THIS MAY GIVE AWAY INFO - or it may not.. it depends on where my rambling leads.

in college, i took a cinema theory class. basically this was a 3 hour class where we watched old "critical" movies and then we were lectured about the film

the only thing i ever took away from this class was: if one person has 3 jobs in a film: don't watch it

well, zach braff proved this professor right: he wrote, directed AND "starred" in this film

yeah, there were a couple "deep" scenes, and a few good lines - but other wise, another WASTE OF TIME

ALSO - it was another example of natalie portman being too strong of an actress for the role - i HATE when this happens



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