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Monday, July 10, 2006

Daily blahs

i've been feeling a bit off all day....

i woke up well rested, but i took a nap

i woke up again to the phone ringing, but i didn't answer it because i didn't recognize the number (do i know anyone named New Brunswick? Why would a town be calling me? more to the point, where is area code 506?)

i went to the coffee shop & got my fav bagel & a chi tea, but i didn't enjoy it OR get any studying done

i heard my cell phone ring, but again i didn't answer it because it is the older co-worker who i like spending time with - but NOT ALL THE TIME

i tried studying at home, but couldn't focus there either

i tried to watch bad tv, but i found it boring

i tried to read a book, but wasn't interested (this is always a key that something is wrong)

so i tried to study again, but no luck

i DID answer the phone when best friend called, but she annoyed me too to no end: she talked at me, not with me.... and i didn't like it

so now i am back home... for how long i don't know.... i am antsy... i am annoyed....

oh why can't i find joy today?


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