why ask why me?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


they sent us home an hour early for THIS!!!
i am STILL laughing...
where i used to live, they have 8 inches, the plows are STILL not out, and don't even THINK about wasting any salt or sand yet - because they might need it in april

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I PAID OFF MY SUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now if i could only get the rest of my life under control.......

Sunday, November 18, 2007


remember me writing about how i went on the road trip and had lunch w/ the ex and found closure w the relationship. Yeah, the same one who moved back @ 3 months before I moved, and he was the only one who offered help w/ my move who didn't back out so he ended up driving my moving truck..........


DING BAT finally admitted out loud that he still has feelings for me to someone!!!!

of course it is THREE YEARS and 650 miles too late!!!

I have always kind of known - i mean, when he moved away from "old crap town" he never stopped calling, e-mailing, texting, or im-ing me.... and yeah, i admit, when he does i respond. and i sometimes even get a little charge that i have that kind of hold on someone..... and he insisted on staying 4 days when we moved me in to make sure all was ok....

but it isn't enough that i would want to get back together with him.

well, via e-mail, i found out through a really good friend that he still have feelings for me, and that now that I have moved he realized what he had.

ok, so should i really be laughing, well, no.... especially since i am petrified that i will be single for the rest of my life. but the reality is that he was NOT mr. right. and he never was.

Friday, November 16, 2007

its time to help those in need again....er, still

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

how do i walk into these things?

so, i went to find one of my kids yesterday, and found out he was skipping.... again...

i had to call home and foudn out that "auntie" had actually caught him the last time...

today i went to find him AGAIN!!! he came to home room to get his report card and skipped all but english when he also went to lunch..... ARGHHH

so, i went to see another one of his teachers to ask him to help me out tomorrow if he showed up... from there i ended up finding out a TON of info about another student.... and from THERE somehow ended up as the un-paid, 3rd c0-advisor of SGA... the other 2 are paid (they were asked by the head principal to be advisors over the summer, know the school, the kids, and have been here for a number of years) but have NO SGA experience or parlamentary procedure knowledge.... i offered to see if i had my old handbook and ended up as an advisor.... oh well, it will look good to the powers that be, and its not like i ever leave the buidling before 4 anyway!!!


Thursday, November 08, 2007

these should explain my week

Saturday, October 27, 2007

well i TRIED to be a good daughter

so both of my parents have their birthday's in one calender week - mom's just passed and dad's is coming up.

all mom has talked about for gifts over the last few years is power tools. dad finally gave in and got her the table saw for mothers day. and now that i am in a little better place financially i decided i should step up to the plate and get her something.

since they won't be in town for dad's birthday we agreed that this weekend i would "come home" and it would be birthday celebration weekend for both of them and i informed mom that i was taking her to the hardware store to get her nail gun.

SHE WAS THRILLED....... that is, until she saw how expensive compressors were. personally, i don't know what the big deal is but she balked. so i said fine - what other tool do you really want but she totally shut down.

needless to say, my parents are in their 60's and don't need anything - nor do they want anything so i really have nothing to give them but me visiting......